Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Jetpack and what does it offer?

Jetpack is an all-in-one solution for kickstarting your business, offering easy installment plans for professional and creative services to support your business needs.

We offer a variety of professional and creative services including legal consultation, contract drafting and support, company incorporation, corporate secretarial work, design and branding services.

These services can help your business establish a strong foundation, attract customers, and reach your target audience.

2. How can I pay for Jetpack services?

Jetpack offers easy installment plans for its services, allowing you to spread payments over 12 months. This provides you with certainty and ease of cash flow.

Payments are made through Stripe. Acceptable modes of payments are using a valid Visa, MasterCard or UnionPay card supported by Stripe.

3. Can I use other payment methods?

Unfortunately, we currently do not support other payment methods.

4. Can I get a discount?

As we currently operate on a ‘minimum viable product’ model, you can be assured that you are receiving the best value we can offer. With our business model, there is no need for discounts, as we ensure that our pricing is accessible and equitable.

5. What if I need other services, which are not offered under any of the packages?

Please drop us an email at and we will be happy to connect you with our strategic partners.

We are transparent about referrals and charge you ZERO referral fees, so you can rest assured that you won’t be subject to any mark-ups. We do not profit from referrals, but are happy to build an ecosystem that supports entrepreneurship.

6. What is a digital nomad visa?

A digital nomad visa, or De Rantau pass, is a visa that allows non-Malaysian nationals in the IT, digital marketing, digital creative content and digital content development industries to work remotely in Malaysia.

Jetpack assists with the application process for this type of visa by offering professional advice & facilitating the application process.

We connect you with qualified lawyers to ensure the best and most reliable service.

7. What is a representative office?

A representative office in Malaysia is an office established by a foreign company to carry out research and promotional activities, but not to undertake any commercial activities. A foreign company may wish to set up a representative office prior to moving their operations to Malaysia.

8. What does corporate secretarial support entail?

Corporate secretarial support includes assistance with compliance requirements from incorporation to annual reporting.

9. How can I get started with Jetpack?

You can browse Jetpack's packages and select the one that best suits your needs. Read through our FAQs or reach out to us via our Contact Us page if you have any further questions.

Once you know what you want, simply go over to our Packages page to purchase. Our check-out is simple. Upon making payment, our team will reach out to you shortly.

10. Can I cancel my Jetpack subscription at any time?

No. This would not be fair to us or our strategic partners, as you will receive most (if not all) of your deliverables long before the end of the subscription period.

Part of what enables us to keep our pricing accessible and spread out into 12 installments is to be able to assure our strategic partners that they will be fairly compensated for their work. We practice a strict no refund policy.

We will consider exceptional circumstances (which must be attributable to the services provided by our partners, and NOT PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES) – please reach out to us on our Contact Us page.

11. What are the payment options for Jetpack services?

Jetpack offers easy installment plans that can be paid monthly over 12 months. Payments are made through Stripe and you will need a supported Visa, MasterCard or UnionPay card.

12. Is there a limit to the number of services I can use with Jetpack?

No, there is no limit to the number of services you can use with Jetpack. You can buy multiple packages at the same time, as required.

13. Is Jetpack only available for businesses based in Malaysia?

Yes, Jetpack currently only supports Malaysian based businesses. However, we do plan to expand globally soon, so stay tuned!

14. How can I contact Jetpack for support?

You can contact us using the form on our Contact Us page.

15. What is the difference between a De Rantau pass and a work visa in Malaysia?

A De Rantau pass is a type of visa specifically for digital nomads, while a work visa is for individuals who are employed by a company in Malaysia.

16. Can Jetpack help with debt recovery from defaulting clients?

We offer you guides on debt recovery at the Small Claims Court. However, there is a monetary limit to the types of claims at this court.

Jetpack does not directly advise on debt recovery, but we can recommend one of our strategic partners (qualified and registered Malaysian lawyers). There will be ZERO referral fees, as we offer this support out of goodwill.

Just reach out to us at our Contact Us page if you need a recommendation.

17. Can Jetpack provide legal representation in court cases?

Jetpack does not provide legal representation in court cases but we can recommend one of our strategic partners (qualified and registered Malaysian lawyers). There will be ZERO referral fees, as we offer this support out of goodwill.

Just reach out to us at our Contact Us page if you need a recommendation.

18. How long does it take to set up a representative office in Malaysia?

The timeline for setting up a representative office in Malaysia can vary depending on the specific requirements and documents needed.

19. Can Jetpack assist with tax compliance for businesses?

No, Jetpack does not offer tax compliance services.

20. Can I upgrade or downgrade my Jetpack package?

You will need to select the relevant add-ons prior to checkout. However, if you have already purchased a package, reach out to us at our Contact Us page to make a request for an upgrade.

No downgrades are allowed.

21. What happens if I miss a payment for my Jetpack subscription?

We are very strict with payment defaults, as trust and transparency must go both ways, to allow us to offer the value that we currently do. Missed payments may roll on to the next month.

However, we will not hesitate to take strict legal action against defaulters.

22. Does Jetpack charge any referral fees?

No, Jetpack does not charge any referral fees when connecting you with any of our professional partners.

23. How soon can I expect to hear back from Jetpack after signing up?

Our team will reach out to you within 10 days to brief you on the next steps and timelines. Keep an eye on your emails!

24. Can I customize Jetpack's services to fit my business needs?

For bespoke services, please contact us at our Contact Us page.

25. What is a letter of demand?

A letter of demand is a formal letter requesting payment of a debt owed.

26. What is a Privacy Policy?

A Privacy Policy is a statement that explains how a company collects, uses, and manages personal information from its customers or users. It is a legal requirement in Malaysia for persons or businesses commercially processing personal data of customers to notify such customers accordingly – a Privacy Policy is a common way of doing so.

If you collect customer or client data when providing your goods or services, it is important that you have a Privacy Policy in place!

27. What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a contract between two or more parties that outlines confidential information that the parties agree not to share with others.

NDAs are particularly important in the negotiation or consultation stages. Make sure you are protected when you share your trade secrets, confidential data or portfolio.

28. What is a trademark?

A trademark is a symbol, word, or group of words that identifies and distinguishes a company's goods and services from those of others.

Think of the Nike ‘tick’ loo, or McDonald’s golden arches.

29. What is a trademark search?

A trademark search is a process of searching existing trademarks to determine if any conflicts exist with the proposed trademark.

30. What is a Shareholders/Partnership/JV Agreement?

These are legal documents between collaborators that outline the terms and conditions of their relationship.

31. What is an Employment/Service Agreement?

An Employment/Service Agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of an employee or service provider's employment or service.

32. Does Jetpack offer any guarantees or refunds for its services?

We do not offer refunds. Please refer to Jetpack's Terms & Conditions for information on guarantees and refunds.

33. Can Jetpack assist in launching an e-commerce business in Malaysia?

Definitely! Jetpack's packages and services cater to various business types, including e-commerce startups. By choosing the right package, you can access the support needed to launch your e-commerce business. When in doubt, just reach out to us at our Contact Us page.

34. How can I determine which Jetpack package is the best fit for my business?

You can review the packages listed on Jetpack's website and select the one that best suits your current needs, budget, and preferences.

35. How can I cancel or change my Jetpack subscription?

Refer to Jetpack's Terms & Conditions for information on canceling or changing your subscription.

36. Can I schedule a consultation with Jetpack to discuss my business needs?

Please make your request via our Contact Us page.

37. How does Jetpack handle payments?

Jetpack collects recurring monthly payments from your selected account.

38. Can I switch between Jetpack packages as my business grows and needs change?

Once your business grows and changes, you can purchase a different package that suits such needs. Our packages are thoughtfully curated to meet different business needs at different stages.

39. What is a 'class' in terms of trademark registration?

A class in terms of trademark registration refers to a specific category of goods or services that your trademark is registered under. Different classes represent different categories of products or services.

40. What is the 'Guide to DIY Debt Recovery at the Small Claims Court'?

This is an e-book guide on how to handle debt recovery yourself at a Small Claims Court.

41. Does Jetpack offer any guidance on business regulations and compliance in Malaysia?

Yes, please contact us at our Contact Us page with more details of what you require.

42. Can I consult with Jetpack before committing to a package?

Yes, you can reach out to us through our Contact Us page.

43. Will Jetpack's services still be helpful as my business becomes more established?

Yes, Jetpack's services cater to businesses at various stages, and we can also discuss customization options to fit your growing business needs. Reach out to us through our Contact Us page to learn more.

44. What is the difference between static and dynamic Instagram posts?

Static Instagram posts are still images without any movement or animation, while dynamic posts include animations, videos, or interactive elements.

45. Does Jetpack offer any workshops or training events?

You can check our Events page from time to time on workshops and training events.

46. How long does it take to get a digital nomad visa application approved in Malaysia?

Visa processing times can vary but 1 month would be standard.

Looking for more than what we offer?

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We practice full transparency & charge ZERO referral fees when connecting you with any of our professional partners.

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